Tatiana interviews DJ Stoopkid at Premier Studios

image3843I sat down at Premier Studios on 10/21/14 with Andrew Getz aka DJ Stoopkid.  He makes every party amazing, I’m not kidding, all the people go crazy dancing!  He was the DJ at the Tatiana Coin launch party at the Bitcoin Center, and I think that was his first intro to crypto.  Since Premier now takes bitcoin (thank you Bitpay), I guess he will be learning more!  I can’t wait to see him at the next event at the studio, or around NYC.  For more on Andrew, see the links below.  For more info on the seminars at the studio, go to www.PremierStudiosNY.com.


Special Thanks to www.PremierStudiosNY.com for hosting us and for leading the way with Bitcoin in Music!

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The Ultimate Bitcoin Black Friday Guide



The Ultimate Bitcoin Black Friday Guide

by Alyssa Hertig 

Want to enjoy lavish Black Friday discounts with Bitcoin without the lines, camping out for several days, and the risk of violence?

Maybe Bitcoin Black Friday is the extravaganza for you. Last year was huge. In fact, it was the “most popular day in the history of Bitcoin commerce.” BitPay broke records, the official website BitcoinBlackFriday.com pulled in 100,000 unique visitors, and even Ashton Kutcher participated.

You can check out a nicely compiled infograph of last year’s figures here.

Thus, expectations are high for 2014. From Newegg electronics to bear calendars, there’s plenty to choose from. Here’s a guide to the best deals for Bitcoin.


The official Bitcoin Black Friday made its debut a couple years ago. Rumors are swirling that a coalition of 1,200 merchants will be participating, which is twice as many as last year and 24 times more than the year before.

“We’re really excited for this year’s event because it has all the opportunity to be much bigger than last year’s event” says Jon Holmquist, the founder of Bitcoin Friday, ”Even though the Bitcoin prices might be lower than last year, the quantity and caliber of merchants participating this year has improved greatly. Consumers should be able to do most, if not all, of their holiday shopping with Bitcoin this year.”

Cruise over to BitcoinBlackFriday.com to participate. They’ve already launched a preview of the items for sale. A mix of merchants big and small, international and local, are eager to offer discounts for Bitcoin users.

Holmquist told CNBC that they have special things planned for this year:

“We have two things planned. First is the ability to instantly purchase Bitcoin with your credit card: a small amount, like US$25 worth. For most people, that’s not too much of a risk. And we’re also going to have a section [of the site] where you can purchase something for a small amount of money.”

Mixed Tees

Mixed Tees, the company with witty graphic tees fueled by artists, will sell T-shirts for as low as US$5. Those purchasing with Bitcoin and participating in the Thunderclap campaign will get an extra 10% off.

Unique Bitcoin wallets

Bitcoin storage is getting creative. With Cryptoart, bitcoins can be stored in some fancy limited edition pieces. It’s reminiscent of the classic store-a-fortune-behind-a-painting trick, though you can skip digging a hole in your wall to fill a cumbersome safe.

All Cryptoart is 50% off for the big day. In addition, the art retailer will give away 100 paintings.

Woodwallets: If you are picturing wallets made of wood, you have the right idea. They’re rock-solid and water proof cards. All products will be 50% off.


Newegg is also participating for the first time since they got onboard the Bitcoin merchant bandwagon.

Bitcoin Black Friday starts in full on November 28, but NewEgg has kicked off the Bitcoin shopping event by offering fourteen deals at discounts past those you can get by paying with a credit card. If you use Bitcoin you can get an Xbox One Console bundle for only US$299.99. Additionally most of the deals going live on Friday are now viewable on the Bitcoin Black Friday website. The table below lists some of the hot deals currently available to Bitcoin users.

Black Friday Preview from BitPay

Today, BitPay posted a sneak preview of its merchants that are offering great Bitcoin Black Friday deals for BTC shoppers. Here’s a few of the many BitPay merchants (list excludes merchants already mentioned) with sales on Bitcoin Black Friday:

  • SchiffGold is listing 1-Oz silver bars for only 79 cents over spot, in addition to lowering their minimum order and offering free shipping for their Bitcoin customers.

  • BitcoinBowlPackages.com will be selling select Bitcoin Bowl ticket and hotel packages at a discounted rate of 25% off. Learn how to travel to the world’s largest Bitcoin event for less here.

  • Gyft will be listing deals for gift card buyers at BitcoinBlackFriday.com.

  • Black Country Rock Media will offer Bitcoin-exclusive mixtape sales as well 50% off of five different vinyl records when purchased with Bitcoin.

  • SurfEasy will allow Bitcoin users to protect their privacy for less with its no-log VPN service, available on Friday for 50% off.

  • Amagi Metals is providing free shipping on domestic Bitcoin orders of US$75 or more with code “BBF2014.”

  • Fangamer will reward bitcoin purchases of its gaming-themed apparel and merchandise with gift cards of up to US$50 as well as free or discounted shipping.

  • Silver Gold Bull will be taking 1% off of the price all products and providing Bitcoin shoppers free shipping for orders over US$250.

  • Soundwallet, which allows Bitcoin users to record their private keys on vinyl, is offering 25% off of its unique storage solution for shoppers using the code “Bitcoin.”

More deals to keep in mind

Purse.io – buy discounted Amazon products with a workaround

Purse.io offers big savings on Amazon products—the average savings is 17%. “Finally, a reason to use Bitcoin,” is Purse.io’s slogan. It’s confusing, but all you have to do is put the link to the Amazon product in Purse.io, and wait to see if it’ll go through. Making cheaper stuff a reality is definitely a reason to use it.

- Purse.io price comparison for BTC shoppers

Signed Bitcoin book

CNBC’s Brian Kelly, once a Bitcoin skeptic, is launching a new book about Bitcoin: “The Bitcoin Big Bang: How Alternative Currencies Are About to Change the World.” If you purchase the book with Bitcoin on his website, Kelley will personally sign the copy.

Beepi cars

Beepi is a car marketplace that accepts Bitcoin. In case you missed it, you can now buy cars with the digital currency. From Black Friday to Cyber Monday, all Bitcoin purchases are 10% off.

eGifter gift cards

Gift cards are a pretty solid holiday gift for people running out of ideas. eGifter is giving Bitcoin users 7X points for every dollar through Cyber Monday. Users can redeem points for gift cards in the future. 100 points is equivalent to US$1 in savings. You can buy gift cards to Target, Old Navy, and Chili’s, among many others.

And there may be others. While Overstock is not participating in the official Bitcoin Black Friday, users can still use BTC to partake in the same deals as everyone else. Remember that Overstock will also take 4% of proceeds and send them to digital currency non-profits.

Discounted Bitcoin trading services

A few companies are reducing fees for Bitcoin payment and trading services.

BitQuick offers fast BTC trades and, like last year, is offering some fee reductions for the event. Normally they charge 2% to BTC buyers, but Friday the fee will be reduced to just 1%. They’ll also give customers US$10 for free similarly to the campaigns held by Circle and Coinbase.

Moreover, the derivatives platform BTC.sx is reducing trading fees by 20% and reducing daily interest charges on leveraged positions by 50%. Happy trading.

Additionally, Coinbase is waiving 1% buyback fees until Sunday for orders made with their merchants.

Happy Shopping…and Donating

Many are excited to see if this year’s BTC sales volume will exceed last year’s. So far, it certainly seems like Bitcoin is picking up momentum in the run up to the event. Just comparing the trading volume on Locatlbitcoins.com is a cause for excitement for any Bitcoin enthusiast.

Expect some surprises as well such as Dogecoin Black Friday?

Finally, if your altruistic side gets the better of you while you’re shopping, consider donating to these Bitcoin-accepting non-profits as posted on BitPay’s blog:

If you know of any other big Black Friday deals, drop us an email at drop@cointelegraph.com or mention them in the comments section below!

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In typical fiat money systems, federal governments merely print even more money when they have to.

Bitcoin Wealth Alliance
Bitcoin Miracle

In bitcoin, cash isn’t printed at all– it is uncovered. Computers worldwide “mine” for coins by taking on each other.

So, How Does Mining Occur?

Individuals are sending bitcoins to each various other over the bitcoin network regularly, but unless someone keeps a document of all these deals, no-one would be able to track who had actually paid what. The bitcoin network take care of this by accumulating each one of the transactions made during a collection period right into a listing, called a block. It’s the miners’ task to verify those deals, as well as compose them right into a basic ledger.

Making a Hash of it

This general ledger is a long listing of blocks, called the block chain. It can be used to check out any sort of transaction made in between any kind of bitcoin addresses, at any type of point on the network. Whenever a new block of transactions is developed, it is contributed to the block chain, producing a progressively prolonged list of all the deals that ever before happened on the bitcoin network. A frequently upgraded copy of the block is offered to everybody who takes part, to make sure that they understand exactly what is taking place.

Yet a general ledger needs to be relied on, and all of this is held digitally. How can we be sure that the block chain remains intact, and is never damaged? This is where the miners are available in.

When a block of deals is created, miners put it with a procedure. They take the information in the block, and apply an algebraic formula to it, transforming it into something else. That something else is a much much shorter, relatively random series of letters and numbers called a hash. This hash is kept together with the block, at the end of the block chain.

Hashes have some appealing residential properties. It’s simple to produce a hash from a collection of information like a bitcoin block, yet it’s practically difficult to exercise just what the data was merely by considering the hash. And also while it is quite simple to make a hash from a huge amount of information, each hash is unique. If you alter just one personality in a bitcoin block, its hash will transform totally.

Miners don’t simply make use of the purchases in a block to produce a hash. A few other items of information are utilized as well. Among these pieces of data is the hash of the last block saved in the block chain.

Since each block’s hash is created utilizing the hash of the block before it, it becomes an electronic model of a wax seal. It validates that this block– and every block after it– is genuine, considering that if you damaged it, everybody would certainly recognize.

If you tried to fake a transaction by transforming a block that had already been stored in the block chain, this would certainly alter that block’s hash. If an individual inspected the block’s authenticity by running the hashing feature on it, they ‘d discover that the hash was different from the one currently saved along with that block in the block chain. The block would certainly be artificial!

Due to the fact that each block’s hash is made use of that can help generate the hash of the next block in the chain, damaging a block would additionally alter the next block’s hash. So tampering with a block would certainly make the succeeding block’s hash incorrect, also. That would certainly continue right down the chain, throwing everything out of whack.

Competing for Coins

So, that’s how miners ‘seal’ a block. They all take on each various other to do this, utilizing software application composed particularly to mine blocks. Each time somebody successfully creates a hash, they get a reward of 25 bitcoins, the block chain is upgraded, and also every person on the network hears about it. That’s the motivation to keep mining, as well as keep the purchases working.

The trouble is that it’s really simple to produce a hash from a collection of data. Computers are truly efficient this. The bitcoin network needs to make it more difficult, otherwise everybody would be hashing hundreds of deal blocks each 2nd, and all of the bitcoins would be mined in minutes. The Bitcoin procedure deliberately makes it more difficult, by introducing something called a ‘proof of job’.

The Bitcoin procedure won’t merely accept any kind of aged hash. It requests that a block’s hash has to look a particular way; it needs to have a certain variety of zeroes at the beginning. There’s no chance of informing just what a hash is going to resemble prior to you create it, and when you include a brand-new item of information in the mix, the hash will certainly be totally various.
Miners aren’t supposed to meddle with the transaction data in a block, yet they have to transform the data they’re making use of to create a various hash. They do this using one more, random item of data called a nonce. This is made use of with the deal information to produce a hash. If the hash doesn’t fit the needed style, the nonce is altered, and the whole thing is hashed once more. It can take lots of attempts to discover a nonce that functions, and all the miners in the network are trying to do it at the very same time. That’s how miners gain their bitcoins.

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Purse.io Announces Black Friday Deals – Save 20% On Amazon By Paying in Bitcoin.

What we do at Purse is enable our customers to use Bitcoin on the world’s largest online merchant, Amazon. You can spend your BTC for any item on Amazon and receive 20% off.  You can also use Purse to purchase BTC with a Credit Card or Amazon Gift Cards, Win, Win, Win.

There are many new and exciting things that are happening at Purse. We have heard over and over about how the Bitcoin ecosystem needs more design and better UI. Well, we listened and we will be rolling out a new wonderfully designed website just in time for the holidays. This site integrates a simple buy / sell process with an elegant design.

The holidays will be huge for Purse and more specifically Black Friday. We want to provide the BTC community with the biggest discounts possible. Currently, our average discounts for any item is 20% but we have even seen up to 45% off entire purchases. The higher the discount percentage the longer the acceptance and delivery times are but if you don’t need the item immediately then why not get a large discount. So, make sure you get your holiday shopping in early so that you can get the biggest discounts.

Through our customer analysis we have collected a great deal of data on top product purchases, as well as where on the planet these purchases are being made. We are now operating in 87 countries and that number is growing weekly.

Also, we have created an infographic with all the top items bitcoiners buy. These could also be good ideas for your next holiday purchase.

consumer report


Lastly, we are very excited to announce our new panel of investors. We have been backed by some of the industry leaders and we are excited to see how our company will flourish through these partnerships.

Plug and Play Ventures LLC | Bobby Lee | FundersClub
Terrance Yang | Strong Ventures | Roger Ver

Follow us on Twitter and Like us on Facebook @PurseIO
Website: https://purse.io


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Bitcoin.info launches


Press-Release: 16th Oct 2014
By: Techemy ltd
For: General news distribution.

With the explosion of interest in Bitcoin over the last 24 months, keywords, trademarks and domain names around bitcoin have become somewhat of a commodity.

Techemy Ltd, a NZ based start-up, has secured a key domain name in the bitcoin space: Http://bitcoin.info

Company co-founder and CEO, Fran Strajnar stated:

“After having spent 11 months building a stable price index (BNC Price-Index via Bravenewcoin.com), we wanted to offer the world a clean website with a solid domain name for 1 reason: Accurate Price-Discovery (and related tools).”

Price-Discovery is the economic concept of finding the value & price in a marketplace. This is a basic requirement for an emerging industry to build products and services around.

Strajnar expands with;

“MtGox represented the bulk of trading in Bitcoin until the end of 2013. It was easy to discover the price during Gox’s reign. Since then, literally dozens of exchanges have open shop all around the world and surprisingly no other index out there, captures anywhere near all of this data, making Price Discovery somewhat questionable. We believe Price Discovery to be a ‘Public-Good’, and will not be charging for this. Our API is free to use, constantly added-to as new exchanges open their doors, accurate & stable. A public good for the industry to use”.

What sort of services require an accurate global-bitcoin-price?

  • Wallets: Consumers want to pay an accurate market price at all times.
  • Futures & Financial products: Financial products require stable backbone. One example: 796.com, the world’s largest Bitcoin-Futures exchange, uses this API calculate their Millions of USD worth of weekly settlements.
  • Billing platforms: Invoicing & billing services require a current price to generate correct fiat figures for business owners.
  • Portfolio Management: Tracking your client’s or your own investments.
  • Gaming Industry: Settlement calculation or Fiat value displayed to gamers.
  • News & info Services: News agencies and search engines can now display comprehensive market data.
  • & Any possible product or service that requires an accurate price Fiat price for Bitcoin.

The API is available here: http://api.bravenewcoin.com/ticker/bnc_ticker_btc.json

Techemy Ltd collects a ton of data from the Bitcoin & Altcoin marketplaces. If you or your company require something custom or more advanced, like global consolidated order books, or plan on running a service where such data is critical and you require a Service-Level-Agreement, the company can be reach on contact@bitcoin.info


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Just how Koinify as well as Melotic Plan to Bring Order to Crypto Crowdsales

Though the crypto 2.0 sector of the bitcoin community is maturing, the component of the sector primarily worrieded about non-financial or advanced blockchain applications has actually battled to establish a steady marketplace for its projects.

In the absence of strong VC interest, or possibly in the spirit of pushing the borders of technology, numerous decentralized applications (DApps) are seeking to money themselves with what could probably be the blockchain’s most compelling usage past currency, decentralized item support in the vein of Kickstarter.

DApps look for to harness the capability of blockchains to develop symbols, which could then be distributed as well as used to incentivize the item’s development and also fostering. The most remarkable example could be MaidSafe’s $7m crowdsale, which this summertime was welcomed with controversy and also lack of confidence in both the mainstream media and also the broader community as it experienced market forces and also liquidity concerns.

Also those who are aiming to provide market options recognize that in the Wild West of bitcoin, DApps are still a relatively undiscovered area.

“If you were simply to consider the crypto 2.0 space and also see all the properties folks are specifying on Counterparty or NXT or any one of these 2.0 platforms, the spirit of decentralization is openness and also openness,” stated Jack Wang, founder and also CEO of electronic property liquidity exchange Melotic. “The other side is there’s a great deal even more capability for people to press undependable items.”.

To address this market problem, Wang and also his business are getting in a new partnership with DApp crowdfunding platform Koinify. With each other, Koinify and Melotic are looking for to curate an industry that can allow the successful launch of brand-new items and the eventual exchange of their symbols on a competitive market.

“Previously when you acquired something in Kickstarter, it was merely a contribution or acquisition, so there was no liquidity,” Koinify CEO as well as founder Tom Ding claimed. “In a token economic situation, you obtain an even more sustainable charity, you could sustain a software program but you could likewise have leaves.”.

Eventually, both systems believe that with each other they could develop a decentralized AngelList, one that enables areas to assist as well as grow cutting-edge jobs, while appreciating new liberties over the cash they opt to supply.

Minimizing the signal-to-noise ratio.

Both Ding and also Wang spoke with CoinDesk concerning the partnership, recognizing that their main ambition is to bring clarity to a currently lively crowdsale marketplace, one that they say has actually been turning away possibly interested participants.

“The problem is the signal-to-noise proportion is truly high,” Ding said. “There are too many noises as well as it comes to be truly tough for folks who intend to invest or purchase good, top quality projects, tokens, to set apart a great from a bad one.”.

Ding stated that Koinify will also look for to add openness to the DApp financing process, making sure that projects are vetted and also rightly incentivized.

“If the task offers out, makes $6m and also obtained all of it in money or bitcoin, they might not have the motivation to provide a product,” Ding proceeded. “Part of our task is to help them establish points like multisig and also produce milestones-based vesting to make certain that designer motivations are in line with just what they promised.”.

Wang kept in mind that Melotic intentions to give the 2nd part of this pipeline, making sure that there is liquidity in the DApp exchange markets by seeking moneying sources for projects, including larger sources of resources.

Striving for self-regulation.

Ding likewise kept in mind the current reports that the United States Stocks and Exchange Compensation (SEC) could be taking a more detailed take a look at the crypto 2.0 marketplace, claiming that until formal guidelines are much more clear, the space should strive to apply its own customer securities.

“I think even a few of the governing rumors recently could be a good point because it requires individuals to assume more challenging,” he continued. “Is it all right to reveal the idea and start elevating cash? Or should developers provide something a lot more strong?”.

In the meantime, he stated, this need for self-regulation means that Koinify must be selective about the tasks it onboards, even if that needs it to come to be a much more centralized supervisor of its platform.

“If you have a minimal selection, the amount of funding that comes into those markets is first class,” he said. “When you have an actually competitive market, with a really high specification or jobs being available in, the problem will solve itself. We would like to encourage talented designers into decentralized applications.”.

Ding indicated that Koinify will certainly likewise look for to inform developers, investing time and also resources now to assist them navigate the infrastructure for developing DApps.

Initial launch announced.

Koinify and Melotic will certainly begin testing their market technique with the launch of Koinify’s first job on First December, the token sale for decentralized social messaging solution Treasures, which was revealed at Within Bitcoins Tel Aviv this October.

Ding used Treasures as an instance to demonstrate how Koinify intends to sheppard tasks to effective launches, keeping in mind that the project satisfied an estimated 30– 40 persistance concerns that covered every little thing from technology to group framework.

“We had a bunch of discussion concerning just what is a reasonable version for distributing Treasures symbols, then we worked on developing the turning points that Treasures need to supply,” he stated, including that Koinify even flew to Israel to meet the Gems team.

Ding suggested that Gems’ very first milestone will certainly be the iOS version of its app, the 2nd its Android model and the third the shipment of its advertisements system. When reached, each milestone will permit Treasures to obtain a brand-new section of the funds it increases in its pre-sale.

“We might have a community-based vote where unless you supply a strong beta model, we will not release the bitcoin that you’ve increased,” Ding added, guessing on exactly how Koinify might manage bad actors on its platform.

High-stakes launching.

Though both Ding and also Wang talked in detail about just how their platforms can disrupt or supplement conventional VC funding, they both recognized that the risks will certainly be high for both of their brands early on.

“The risks are a lot greater,” Wang discussed, “since there are much less jobs. But, we’re trying to find out if companies could obtain extra worth from token sales that permit their business model to transform and allow them to fund their suggestions and concepts separate from a VC model.”.

Ding took place to suggest that several of the projects it is consulting with are seeking to elevate funds both from VCs and from token sales, keeping in mind that there is a belief that an effective token sale could also raise VC passion.

However, both pressured that, in the meantime, token sales give designers with an attracting way to expand their userbase, something Ding anticipates will be an effective motivation that will make it possible for Koinify and Melotic to expand.

“Every start-up understands that the hardest part is absolutely no to 1,000 users; 1,000 to 10,000 individuals. 10,000 customers might very easily come kind this sort of pre-sale. If you could acquire your initial 10,000 customers to crowdfund you, that’s most likely a good idea to improve.”.

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Crypto Currencies

Crypto currencies


The term ‘cryptocurrency’ refers to online or digital cash that can be traded online for goods as well as solutions.

While this might appear dangerous by itself, cryptocurrencies are called such because they are safeguarded making use of cryptography (translated into an essentially solid code) and traded over peer-to-peer networks (file-sharing straight in between celebrations).

Using public and also exclusive tricks is applied to securely move the currency from one celebration to an additional.

When you own cryptocurrency, it behaves much like gold– that is, it has value similarly physical cash does. Much like bodily money, cryptocurrencies are subject to fluctuations in value.

The very first as well as most prominent instance of cryptocurrency is Bitcoin, which was introduced in 2009. Based upon its popularity, numerous alternate cryptocurrencies have entered circulation since then.

Some of the most prominent among them consist of Namecoin, Peercoin, and Litecoin.

A lot of manufacturers will decline Bitcoin or any type of cryptocurrency as payment, nonetheless, the rise in popularity has viewed a variety of online firms start to acknowledge Bitcoin as a viable choice, such as Etsy.com, Overstock.com, and also Reddit.com.


Similar to the majority of internet experiences, cryptocurrencies have their doubters. Being anonymous and practically untraceable, they come to be an easy technique for criminals to make prohibited transactions, such as the purchase of illegal compounds and also hazardous services.

One of the most significant example of this was Silk Road, an online underground market that used Bitcoin as currency. When it was finally closed down in 2013, the FBI confiscated 144,000 bitcoins (worth roughly $28 million).

While cryptocurrencies themselves are intensely shielded, it’s still possible to lose your entire digital lot of money. Merely losing a password or shedding access to your online budget can result in the effective deficiency of your cryptocurrency.

Being a decentralised system of exchange, such points are not safeguarded under insurance provider; users accountable for their own security.


Being digital money and also consequently dispersed online as opposed to in any physical kind, cryptocurrencies are not associateded with any type of one nation.

Because of this, their value could not be had an effect on by a centralised financial institution. Their worth is commonly established by supply and also demand (basically, the amount of individuals want to pay for them). Some see this as a change in power from the government as well as economic establishments, back to individuals; nevertheless, it’s not unusual for mainstream users to locate the absence of rule behind cryptocurrencies to be upsetting.

Unlike regular financial purchases, cryptocurrency does not produce deal costs, and, as it is not checked by a 3rd party, it does not have a taxation system in place. Moreover, as soon as a transaction has occurred, it can not be reversed or traced back.

The online budgets which contain Bitcoins are private: Unless one chooses to make their online pocketbook public, no-one can see the number of Bitcoins they have.

Cryptocurrency is a fast-growing means of transaction that makes it possible for customers to continue to be completely anon

ymous whilst acquiring products online. Whilst it has both advantages and also drawbacks, it’s showing no sign of decreasing and also is rapidly becoming a much more traditional method of payment.

Crypto currencies


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